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9 Steps to Improve Your Marketing

Start With Why?

'Why' your business exists is much more important that what you do and how you do it.

Discovering and understanding 'why' your business exists will open up new ways of communicating with your potential customers and will give you a clear point of difference from your competitors.

Be Salient & Different

In a marketing world full of clutter and alternatives,  you need to create awareness of your business so that it is top of a customer’s mind and stands out from the competition.

Learn From Your Competitors

Look at what your competitors are doing and learn from their successes and mistakes. 

Competitive analysis is the single quickest way to learn about your market and how to succeed.

Focus On Running Your Business

Your business needs you doing what you do best.  It needs you looking at the big picture, not getting stuck in the weeds. 


Delegate what can, buy-in what you can’t. Avoid organisational drag. Act like a boss.

Audience, Audience, Audience

The very definition of marketing is putting your target audience and potential customers at the heart of everything you do. 


This requires insight, research

and an open mind. 


You may be the boss of your own business, but it’s your customers that count.

Keep The End In Mind

Marketing and Advertising exist for only two reasons: to increase sales and improve business performance.

Always keep your focus on what

you want to achieve.


Marketing and advertising are part art and part science. Marketing science is one of the most powerful tools that you’re

probably not using. 


Did you know social media ads have the lowest ROI of all media channels?*


You won’t see that on Facebook.

*Source: IPA Binet & Field

Test & Learn

Business improvement and success is a continuous and evolving process. Marketing is no different so test and learn your way to better performance and results.


Even the newest start-up or smallest business creates a huge wealth of data.  Understanding what data is available and what insights it provides will fuel your marketing

and business performance.